Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes or Hardtail Mountain Bikes - Which is right for you?

The debate between dual suspension mountain bikes vs. hardtail mountain bikes has been raging since the first full suspension mountain bike appeared. Do you want to know which is the best bike…a full suspension mountain bike or hardtail mountain bikes?

Hardtail mountain bikes and dual-suspension mountain bikes are both excellent at what they are designed for. You should have already worked out what you are going to use your bike for.

Hardtail bikes are the best…if…

• You are riding smooth single track and need accurate response
• You need good climbing ability
• You want a lighter bike
• You want pedaling efficiency (and to conserve your own energy)
• If you are a XC racer who is after the biggest weight saving
• Want a bike that is easier to maintain and keep in good working order
• Are a dirt jumper who wants better pump off of jumps

Full Suspension bikes are the best…if…

• You ride downhill
• Go off jumps
• Suffer from saddle-ass
• Ride in rough terrain
• Want an all round bike with less limitations
• Want a smoother ride on the trail
• Want a more comfortable bike

So what should you do?
Full suspension and hardtail bikes are made for different purposes so you should get what you want but get it for the right reasons

Full suspension mountain bikes are more expensive than hardtails. So if you can't afford decent dual suspension mountain bikes with reliable components then don’t. You will be better off spending your money on hardtail mountain bikes with decent components and that will be reliable.


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